Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Trials of a Criminal Beach Bunny

Yesterday, I started the monumental job of putting the house back in order from the holidays. I started by stripping the beds and washing sheets and towels. Of course I had alot of things in the two bedrooms to pick up and throw away or put where it belonged. Somehow, my children have not learned this during the years that I was raising them at home. Okay.......I am not getting Mother of the Year. I am okay with that. There. I also vacuumed and mopped. Wow. That was a job. I still have to mop the hardwood floors in my bedroom and bath. Even with a rug by the back door, the floors in the kitchen get so dirty with Weezie coming in with her paws wet from snow or just rain. Just the joys of having a furry four legged friend. She really is cute when she comes in with snow stuck around her face.

Today I have to send a $15 money order to get a copy of my marriage certificate. I cannot put my hands on ours.........I am sure Dick is wondering if somehow he is not legally married to me and can somehow get out of our "comedy". Well bud, we are. Sorry. However, one of those states that we lived in, Louisiana, screwed up my drivers license. The lady typed in my first name, middle name, and hyphenated my maiden name and married last name. I begged her to please not do that, but she told me she had no option. Well folks, it has finally caught up with me......I now a criminal.....a potential terrorist in the eyes of the law. My "alias" do not match up in the "big" computer. So, I have to start with the Social Security Administration. And they want to see my marriage certificate. Hopefully, they will be able to straighten this all out, but a little voice in me says that would be too damn easy. This will probably be a continuing drama that I will keep you updated on.

I talked with my bud Virginia yesterday.....she is so funny. She gave me the date of her beach house week and invited me. Of course, Elaine had already given me the date just in case Virginia did not invite me. I was gonna show up anyway. I love the house they rent. Note that I said "they". Henry is the producer and Virginia is the consumer! This is very important! Elaine's beach week is the next week, so we move from one the the other. Elaine's family has the most wonderful beach house. It is perfectly set up for families. There is nothing like being out on that porch looking at the beach. Of course, we seem to spend as much time sitting on the stools in the kitchen, waiting for the next big meal. There is some good eating going on there. I am looking forward to it ladies!

That is about all for now.....till next time.....Tootles!

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Anonymous said...

I always knew you were a criminal