Friday, January 19, 2007

Winter Storm Warning

Here we go again! We are under a winter storm warning. The snow is supposed to start late tonight and continue until tomorrow night. I wonder if I will be inspired to do any cleaning? Today in Portland, I saw an 8 Ball. You know...those black balls that you shake and turn over and the answer to your question appears. Well, I think I need to get one of those to answer life's questions. Just think, everyday, I could ask 8 Ball if I should vacuumn, if I should eat a whole box of Wuh Wuh ice cream bars or if I should take a nap. It could take alot of anxiety out of my life.

As I have already said, I went to Portland with my Maine friend Tracey. Before we went there, we stopped off in Freeport to return some things that I had bought for Christmas that was the wrong size. I wanted to wait till the holiday crowds "had left the building". While the line was no where near as long as it was immediately after Christmas, there were still some people returning things with the same idea that I had. LL Bean is a first class operation and if you have never been able to go to their store in Freeport, come visit and we will take you so you can see for yourself.

I took the duvet cover and shams back to Pottery Barn. The gentleman who checked me out told me to go look at another print they had.....maybe that would work. He talked me into buying a sham to see if it matches. I tried it and I don't think it will, but I will put it back on the bed tomorrow to see how I like it..... We went to several different stores to see if there was anything else that might possibly work....didn't see a thing.

Grey's Anatomy is on right now. I have gotten where I can type and watch TV at the same time. And think about what I am typing while processing what the show is about. I think "George" is the cutest thing. And of course my "personal" physician, Patrick Dempsey. Just so you know. Back to the typing while watching you think that qualifies me for like....Genuis? Or Gifted? Or is it just "Special"?

Grey's is calling for my full attention.....Tootles!

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