Thursday, January 11, 2007

I finally finished restoring the upstairs to its pre-Christmas condition. I made up the beds and dusted. The vacuuming had been done a few days ago. Now, I just need to go to the basement to clean up the exercise room. There are some blankets and heavens knows what else still down there. It feels good to get most of this done.

I talked to Vickie in Italy today. Hey Vickie!!!!! It seems strange that someone in Italy could be reading my blog. Dick and I trying to fit in a trip over there before they come back to the states. I am kind of bummed that the volcano won't be "blowing". But I am sure there will be lots of other things to see.

I talked to all the kids........Jamie is still job searching.....Chris is doing well, studying and trying to get things lined up to move over the NC State full time in the fall and Julianne seems to be starting her semester out right. She is exercising in the morning before classes and has gotten things organized.

Dick and I are going out with another couple this weekend. We are going out to eat and see "Fiddler on the Roof" that is being put on by a college in Farmington. The couple we are going with are so fun to be around, so I know we will have a good time. Mom....You remember Ellen.....we are going with her and Steve. So I am looking forward to that.

The weather here today was in the low 20's. I didn't even leave the house! Weezie did not want to go out. We are supposed to get snow Saturday, Sunday and Monday. This could be a big one........that prediction is from me, not the weather service!

Tonight was my favorite night on TV. Greys Anatomy!!!!! We had a new episode on, which was a treat. Greys is now on Lifetime at 11 PM. Fortunately for me, I have the seasons on DVD, so I can watch anytime I want. Did you know that Patrick Dempsey is from the town/area that we live in. I wonder if he would come visit the next time he is in town. You know....a house call????

I seem to be rambling so I guess it is time to go.....Tootles!

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Yvonne said...

I am so glad you found my blog....and finally came out of hiding. I LOVE your blog! It is so fresh and funny! I wish I knew you in person - you and I would be good friends, I just know it!