Monday, January 1, 2007

A New Year!

I can't believe I have to remember a new year to write on my checks. It seems like I just learned to put 2006. Of course, sometimes I write something totally off the 1999, but most of the time I am able to come within a year or two. Most of the time.

This was a special year having all the kids here for an extended time. And having their "friends" here has been alot of fun, for us and them. Jamie and Lesley left yesterday and Chris and Linley leave tomorrow. It will be quiet here with just Ju and Nathan. Today was supposed to be a "get out of the house cause we are going crazy" day but we woke up to freezing rain and freezing temperatures. So we stayed in the house one more day. Since tomorrow is supposed to be kind of a repeat of today, Dick will be driving the Chilluns to the airport. Tomorrow afternoon is supposed to warm up..........let the shopping begin. Or should I say..........looking begin. No shopping here.

After I finish here, we will be calling GAGA to wish her Happy Birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GAGA!!!!!!!!! Hope you had a good one!

Dick bought us a Bowflex and an eliptical trainer. Which brings me to my New Years Resolution! Since I have a wedding coming not me.....Jamie.............I intend to lose weight and get healthy. I am going to let everyone know each day how I am doing. So if some day I sound like I am in a bad mood, I can assure you I am. I will probably be on a bowflex commercial one day............HA! Happy New Year!!!!!! Tootles!

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Anonymous said...

Can't wait...maybe you and Keith can make one together!