Tuesday, January 2, 2007

I Made a Boo Boo!

Last night while watching the Fiesta Bowl, I decided to check Chris and Linley's flight information and guess what? THEY DON'T LEAVE TODAY!!!!!!! They leave tomorrow! I can't even imagine Dick's reaction had he driven them to the airport this morning and found out their flights were tomorrow! I woke him up and informed him that he could go on to work. I just don't have any sense of what day it is when the holidays roll around.........who am I kidding.........I don't ever know what day it is! Ignorance is bliss! So we are going to shop today as soon as the kiddies get up. I guess I am going to have to go up and get everyone moving. It is above freezing (barely) and very very windy. We have a wind up here that is different from anywhere we have ever lived. And remember we have lived a few places. Come on up and experience it! The Jackson Hilton is always available. Tootles!


Anonymous said...

I have noticed that since you are sending these thoughts to the world through cyber-space you do not cuss like you do in person. Why is that?

Love and Kisses from the warm, warm South.

LinleyShea said...

It was my pleasure!! Really, thank you so much for having me and taking care of me! I love you!!

Fran said...

Who the hell said I don't cuss online?