Thursday, January 4, 2007

32 Big Ones

I just crawled up the stairs from the basement so I could report to all who I promised I would about my new fitness plan. I was able to use my strenuous cleaning as my exercise yesterday. Today, I put on the "work-out" shoes and pants and made my way to the basement workout center. I worked on the bowflex for a short time then went to the elliptical machine. It looks like a fun, easy machine that makes losing fat so much fun. I got on figuring that I would limit myself to 30 minutes each day the first week. HAH!!!!! I am not going to humiliate myself completely by telling you how long (or little) I stayed on, but I will tell you that I burned a whole 32 big calories! 32! Tomorrow I promise to burn at least 40..........okay 50. I have to start somewhere!

Dick has a dinner meeting tonight and Ju and Nathan have gone to a movie and out to eat. I am ashamed to say that it is fabulous being here by myself. I am going to make a sandwich for dinner. Then I plan to go get some of the ornament boxes from the basement and start taking down the Christmas decorations. Weezie is ready for the decorations to come down. Every year, shortly after Christmas, she starts sneaking an ornament and chowing down. One year I had little clumps of red berries on the tree. It took me a while to figure out what the red clumps were in her "droppings". She has been sniffing the ornaments again so it is time.

Chris called today to say he still has the touch. He has such good luck. I find pennies....he finds $20 bills. Today he went to NC State to see why he had not been able to register for his classes online. Of course, since it is still Christmas holidays and they are not fully staffed, he had a hard time finding someone to help him. After talking to several different people and basically hitting dead ends, he came upon the head of the math department who opened up a closed math class for him. Then he found someone who figured out his online problems and got him in the other classes that he also needed. He seemed very pleased with himself when he called. He had a wonderful fall semester with wonderful grades and seems to be on the right road to success! Love ya Chris!

I guess that is about all that is happening in my about yours? Email and let me know. Tootles!

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