Friday, January 26, 2007

It is Cold Outside and Inside!

Today has been the coldest we have experienced since being in Maine. Right now it is -2 degrees and supposed to get down to -16. And we have some wicked wind going on. When it is that cold outside, it is just plain hard to keep the house warm inside. In addition to our normal heat, we have a wood stove in the basement that has been going full blast for the past few days. Normally, it would be so hot in our den that we would have to open the door to let out the heat so you could breathe. Not today. Right now I have on my sexy flannel pj's, socks, slippers, an electric throw blanket and another blanket on me. And my feet are still cold. I put my controller on the electric blanket in our room on high.....just so I know it will be warm when I get up there. But right now I am concerned about writing my blog. See what I do for you?

This morning I went through my usual morning, tv, computer. Before coming downstairs, I stripped the bed and brought down the sheets and washed them. Good start to my day. After the ritual, I went and had my shower.
then I took all the dirty clothes downstairs and loaded up the washer again. It seems like I just washed clothes! Do you ever feel like that? It is just me and Dick and I still feel like I am washing all the time. Anyway.......I decided to tackle my mounds of paperwork that was on the counter. I also had a small stack on the table that was beginning to collect dust and was getting on Dick's last nerve. He told me so. Therefore I decided today was the day to take care of this "mess". So I went through everything....threw away a lot.........sorted and clipped and stapled and put away in the file box. Are there papers on the counter? Maybe just a couple that I still have to do something with. Are there papers on the table? Heck no cause it was on my man's nerves. It was the very least I could do for him.

Tonight we went out to eat with my friend Tracey and her husband. We ate at the microbrewery that I have written about before. It was delish. That was my treat for the back to business.

I think that is about all from my to you tomorrow! Tootles!

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LinleyShea said...

I'm off to write you a blog! You keep staying warm!